Beleaf Announces New Album With Hilarious “No Chill” Video

Beleaf Announces New Album With Hilarious "No Chill" Video

Baltimore-bred rapper Beleaf is preparing his next studio album and made the announcement for the project with the video for a new track called “No Chill.”
In the four-minute extravaganza, the King’s Dream Entertainment MC makes an ice sculpture, eats some ice cream and builds a snowman before tearing it down and putting his mark on it.
“The video is just savage behavior,” Beleaf tells HipHopDX in an exclusive statement. “I remember my mom telling me not to go outside without a coat on. And I’m literally rapping during a blizzard #nochill.”

Beleaf explains the concept of the yet untitled album and says it will have a wide variety of sounds inspired by the announcement that he and his wife have some exciting non-music related news as well.
“The album I have coming is necessary,” he says. “If you mess with [Lil] Yachty you’ll dig it and if you love Nas you’ll dig it. All the pink vibes are because we have a baby girl on the way! Every time we get pregnant, I start a record.”
The LP follows 2014’s Red Pills + Black Sugar. Last year, Beleaf ran his successful “Beleaf in Fatherhood” web series and was part of Dream Junkies’ Good Religion album, which was one of HipHopDX’s Slept-On Albums of 2016.
At the beginning of the new year, John Givez announced his departure from Dream Junkies, but King’s Dream Entertainment moves forward with Beleaf and Ruslan.
Pre-order Beleaf’s new album at King’s Dream Entertainment’s website.



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