Killer Mike Isn’t Mad About Richard Spencer Getting Punched

Killer Mike Isn’t Mad About Richard Spencer Getting Punched

HipHopDX/Mike Lavin @thehomelesspimp
WASHINGTON, DC – All eyes were on Donald J. Trump last Friday as he was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. The event has proven a goldmine for memes, but Trump isn’t the only one on the receiving end of mockery.
Prominent alt-right figure Richard Spencer was all over social media after an anonymous protester punched him in the face while he was being interviewed by several news crews. The attack quickly became a meme, with many setting the confrontation to music.
The attack has been defended by some, who perceive the rise of the alt-right to be no more than the return of fascism to mainstream politics. Others have argued that resorting to violence only debases the cause.
Killer Mike of Run The Jewels spoke about the attack on Twitter, writing: “I’m pro violence against enemies of this Republic. Last I checked Nazis were still on My Granddads “fuck up on site” list. Murcia [sic].”
“Why do these crazy wanna racist white guys always choose the loser side. Confederate & Nazi history has a Big L on it!”
When one Twitter follower asked Killer Mike why he was “promoting hate” by sharing a RTJ-soundtracked version of the video, the rapper responded: “U do realize dudes a nazi wanna be. I think it’s ok for a white guy to knock the shit outta a nazi, still.”
Richard Spencer refers to himself as “an identitarian,” with political beliefs that include securing a homeland for the white race and a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of the United States.
He denies being a neo-Nazi, and moments before being punched he said that neo-Nazis “don’t like [him] very much” though he infamously celebrated Trump’s victory in November by shouting “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” as many in the crowd gave Nazi salutes.



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