T.I.’s Bodyguard Stabbed During Show In Canada

T.I.'s Bodyguard Stabbed During Show In Canada

HipHopDX/Mike Lavin @thehomelesspimp
T.I.’s bodyguard was stabbed in the leg during the Moncton, New Brunswick stop of the rapper’s 19-day promotional tour of Canada for Us or Else: Letter to the System on Monday (January 30).
According to a report from TMZ, cops responded to a call from The Venue, where a fight broke out at the merch table. This evolved into the bodyguard getting stabbed at least three times in his calf and being later sent to a nearby hospital for minor injuries before being released the same night.
Currently, T.I. hasn’t addressed the recent incident online, though reports say he spoke with the cops.
The final stop of the tour is still going down in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Tuesday night (January 31). The concert promoter assured fans that T.I. was still on his way and that the show would go on.

#Fuerza943fm http://j.mp/2kebijY


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