Hip Hop Week In Review: Nicki Minaj, Drake & Big Sean

Hip Hop Week In Review: Nicki Minaj, Drake & Big Sean

This week in Hip Hop, Nicki Minaj caused a commotion upon the world wide web when she posted a picture with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill’s nemesis Drake. Drizzy also had the internet hype when he teased the audience of his Boy Meets World Tour with new music and a potential release date for More Life. Lastly, Big Sean releases I Decided. to much fanfare.

Nicki + Drake + Meek Mill = D R A M A

Nicki Minaj posted a picture with Drake on Instagram and all hell broke lose. Then, she posted another pic with her, Drake and Lil Wayne and everyone lost their minds speculating on what’s to come from the three Young Money members.
In true Meek Mill fashion, an account that may or may not be his responds and calls Drizzy corny, meanwhile the internet is forcing him to hold yet another L this year and it’s only February. It wasn’t soon after that the same account posted a picture of Meek with his ex’s longtime nemesis, Lil Kim.
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Drake Hints At “More Life” Release Date

Drake’s forthcoming playlist More Life was originally slated for a late 2016 release and has since been pushed back with no release date in sight, until this week (well, kinda).
We do know, according to Drizzy himself during his Amsterdam Boy Meets World Tour stop, that it will likely be released before his next visit to the Netherlands on February 26.
Until then, he’s letting fans hear a taste of what they can look forward to with a preview of a track from More Life.
Read more here.

Big Sean Drops “I Decided.”

Big Sean’s I Decided. dropped this week and everyone went crazy over the Eminem feature on “No Favors,” where he clowned President Donald Trump to the approval of many.
This project marks Sean’s fourth studio album and contains 14 tracks with features from Jeremih, The-Dream and his Twenty88 partner Jhené Aiko, among others. Many rushed to cop the album, pushing it to #1 on the US iTunes charts.
The underrated isn’t so underrated anymore.
Stream Big Sean’s I Decided. here.

DXclusives: Yukmouth & Cassius Jay

Speaking with Ural Garrett, Yukmouth detailed his time and relationship with Rap-A-Lot records and its founder J Prince, where he dropped several renown classics including Thugged Out: The Albulation and Godzilla. He explains why he apprecitated Prince having his back.
“He so solid, I got arrested on a Friday for $150,000 and I didn’t get booked in until Saturday,” he said. “That man had me out by Sunday. What? Boom, out. I spent one day because I was in the middle of the Godzilla Tour. We on tour, go to jail and I get remanded. I go to one of my court dates and they remanded me, them racists muthafuckas where I was at. They just remanded me for being late knowing I had to fly in and all that shit. Since I bailed out so much, the judge was like $150,000.”
Atlanta producer Cassius Jay also caught up with DX and spoke about him coining a new sound he calls “trap jazz” while taking on the persona Trap Sinatra.
“Zaytoven’s like a trap god, so I’m like a trap prince or whatever you wanna call it,” he explained. “So I was like let me just get my own identity. I didn’t want to be a trap god. I didn’t want to be labeled as that, so I was like let me become Trap Sinatra or something, just have my own swag, my own little lane. So that’s what made me come up with the whole Trap Jazz thing.”

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