Chief Keef Accuser Ramsay Tha Great Arrested On Pimping & Pandering Charges

Chief Keef Accuser Ramsay Tha Great Arrested On Pimping & Pandering Charges

Instagram/Ramsay Tha Great
Producer Ramsay Tha Great is starting 2017 off in a sea of struggle.
Weeks after being the target of a violent home invasion allegedly at the hands Chief Keef and another man, Ramsay Tha Great has found himself in his own serious legal debacle.
The Los Angeles Times reports that Ramsay, real name Brandon Christopher Ramsay, was recently arrested, and now faces felony charges of pimping and pandering following an incident at an Anaheim, California motel.
He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
The two women the 24-year-old musician is accused of pimping (ages 18 and 20) were busted by an undercover officer after advertisements of them soliciting commercial sex were discovered.
The officer arranged to meet the two at the motel and upon meeting the pair came across multiple calls from Ramsay on one of their phones.
Ramsay eventually arrived at the motel’s parking lot and was met by police. He was taken into custody and is now being held on $70,000 bail.
“The defendant is accused of possessing evidence of pimping and sending text messages to the victims containing language consistent with pimping prior to his arrest,” a news release from the Orange County DA’s office read, according to the LA Times.
Ramsay will appear at a pretrial hearing on February 21. He faces up to seven years in prison, if convicted.
Ramsay’s arrest comes a matter of days after he “never claimed to be a gangster” in an Instagram video he uploaded after he was allegedly attacked by Chief Keef and another man in his home.



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