Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 Launch Stays Low-Key & Drake-Free


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week went off under somewhat of a shroud of secrecy, especially compared to the disastrous outdoor launch of Season 4 last September. As it stands, there was no official live-stream for the event and there were even some rumors of a media blackout (although they proved false).
Drake was also rumored to be connected to the show, although it seems now that a flyer tying him to Yeezy Season 5 wasn’t real.
Vogue Runway posted real-time updates of the event but photos from the show were initially scarce. The publication wrote that the show began with a voice-over and screen projector at the center of a runway. The first items to be shown were made with denim, including shearling jackets and women’s jeans.
Live models eventually took the runway, with Somali-American Halima Aden perhaps the most visible among them as the former Miss Minnesota USA contestant sported a hijab along with a long fur coat.
The Hollywood Reporter‘s Booth Moore reports that the show was “low key” and over in just 13 minutes. Some of her images can be seen below.
Unlike the oppressive heat and conditions of the Yeezy Season 4 debacle, Season 5 looks to have gone on without a hitch.
Check out some of the clips and photos from the show below.




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