What’s Drake’s Connection To Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5?


NEW YORK CITY, NY – UPDATE: Looks like there’s no connection, actually. Read on for how the rumors started. 
Kanye West and Drake made headlines last summer when they said they might be working on a collaborative music project, and buzz has again picked up linking both their names to the Yeezy Season 5 event that’s going down Wednesday (February 15).
A flyer for a New York Fashion Week event featuring the names of the entertainers has been circulating online — but nothing has been confirmed yet.
The flyer with their names on it, along with the words “Lost Hills” and today’s date made the rounds online, including in a tweet from GQ style writer Jake Woolf. He also shared images of Yeezy Season 5 gear with the same Lost Hills lettering, which seems to tie in with today’s launch.
Neither West nor Drake have provided any additional info on social media. However, Drake is slated to perform tonight at the O2 Arena in London as part of his Boy Meets World Tour.
Woolf also speculated that it might be a new song.
Will Drake be beamed in via satellite? Is West going to debut a song the pair hinted at working on together? Is an OVO/Yeezy clothing collaboration coming? Or, is this just an elaborate ruse by a fan who is hoping that something of this sort will take place?
UPDATE: Woolf posted the flyer again on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, writing “sorry y’all hahaha.”
And said he just found the flyer online like everyone else.
Initial reports from others inside the show made no mention of Drake.

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