Is Future Clowning Desiigner On His New Album?

Ever since the world first caught wind of Desiigner through “Panda,” the comparisons with Future refuse to stop. Both spent at least part of 2016 trolling each other, between the Brooklyn rapper calling a track “Pluto” — the same name as Future’s debut album — or the Freebandz leader taking subliminal shots.
With the moment’s-notice release of his FUTURE album today (February 17), Future dropped a new track called “Zoom” that ends with a skit featuring desperate rappers who make gun sounds similar to Desiigner’s famous adlibs.

In fact, the fictional rappers in the skit are named Lil Draco (a likely reference to Soulja Boy) and Lil Extendo.
Toosi and Meechie said they voiced the made-up rappers on Twitter. The pair of Atlanta-based dancers have worked with Future before, dancing on the Summer Sixteen Tour.
So far, Desiigner has yet to respond.
Check out the song above and the skit transcription below.



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