Hold up: This Swedish town wants to give employees a weekly sex break

If you’re like us, you know you’d kill for a nap break at work, and have an internal crisis every time you think about having taken kindergarten nap time for granted.
But what if, instead of nap time, you could have sexy time? This is a question at least one person has thought of because there is a town in Sweden considering giving one hour paid sex breaks to working adults.
Overtornea, Sweden’s 550 municipal employees may soon be getting paid to “give a nudge to the dwindling local population, add spice to aging marriages, and improve employee morale.”
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“We should encourage procreation. I believe that sex is often in short supply. Everyday life is stressful and the children are at home,” Erik Muskos, an Overtornea councilman, tells The New York Times, “This could be an opportunity for couples to have their own time, only for each other.”
The employees who would benefit from this sex break already get a one-hour paid slice of time every day to focus on fitness activities, so Muskos suggested that going home and having an, erm, different kind of workout might help improve morale.
“Sex is also a great form of exercise and has documented positive effects on well-being,” Muskos said.
We couldn’t agree more. Muskos is totally serious, as he insisted to the mixed reactions of his colleagues, and his proposal makes a lot of sense considering other European countries have been trying to work out the kinks in the whole work-life balance thing for a while — including experimenting with a six-hour workday, to mixed results.

Whether the coitus-encouraging proposal moves forward remains to be said, but there are lots of perks to having sex during the workday.
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It’s been proven that nicer people have more sex, and that sex is like a drug. It triggers the release of dopamine, without the pesky caffeine, nicotine, and you know…illegal stuff.
Besides, there are a ton of benefits to sex earlier in the day. It affects how productive you are through the rest of the afternoon and is a big boost to your confidence. What boss WOULDN’T want that from their employees?
For now, we wish Sweden good luck on their endeavor — and hope that their success trickles across the payrolls of companies across the globe ASAP.

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