Bankroll Fresh’s Posthumous Album “In Bank We Trust” Given Release Date

Bankroll Fresh's Posthumous Album "In Bank We Trust" Given Release Date

YouTube/Bankroll Fresh
ATLANTA, GA – It was a year ago today (March 4) that Bankroll Fresh was murdered outside of Street Execs studio in Atlanta.
Many have kept Bankroll’s legacy alive by speaking on their memories with him and by releasing new music, such as his appearance on Jeezy’s Trap or Die 3 track “All There.”
Now, the late rapper’s family is preparing a posthumous album, In Bank We Trust, due out April 24.
In speaking with XXL, Bankroll’s mother, Terisa Price, gave some information on the project, which is expected to have 12 tracks.
“We’re gonna have some features on there from different other artists that’s out,” she shared, “… but we’re working on it now and we were just in the studio the other day and we’ve got a hot song that’s gonna be a single. I named it ‘A Hell of a Night.’ I named ‘Dirty Game’ and I named ‘Truth Be Told,’ I named those songs. I think it’s highly anticipated.”

Bankroll Fresh’s murder is still unsolved. Last month, police released surveillance footage from the night of the shooting that suggests Bankroll was the first to fire a shot. Authorities are still investigating the case, especially as, in a controversial interview with VladTV, No Plug said he was involved in the shooting and acted in self-defense.
HipHopDX spoke with one of Bankroll’s friends, producer Cassius Jay, about the process of releasing new music from the man born Trentavious Zamon White.
He was a good guy and stuff, so I don’t feel like I should in a way,” he said of releasing new music from himself. “His family can do it, but I shouldn’t be releasing none of his music because they didn’t give me the consent to do it. I don’t even really try to bring it up to ‘em because you know how the industry is right now, so I just was like whatever it was we did, we’re just gonna leave it at that and that was ‘Hot Boy’ and that was his biggest song, so I just wanted to leave it at that ‘cause we was real close.”
See Bankroll Fresh’s In Bank We Trust cover art below.
Bankroll Fresh In Bank We Trust album cover art



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