Hip Hop Week In Review: Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black & Chris Brown

Hip Hop Week In Review: Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black & Chris Brown

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
HIPHOPDX – This week in Hip Hop, Remy Ma came for Nicki Minaj’s entire life in seven minutes in a diss track, then lost steam when she dropped a second, while Nicki is living her best life. Also, Kodak Black goes back to jail and Chris Brown’s friends expose his alleged drug problems to Billboard.

Remy Ma Drops Nicki Minaj Diss Song “SHETHER” & Gets Paid Dust

A Timeline

It all began when Nicki Minaj reportedly dissed Remy Ma on her song with Gucci Mane, “Make Love.” When Remy caught wind of it, she dropped a seven-minute diss track over Nas’ “Ether” instrumental and titled it “SHETHER.”
So far, there hasn’t been a response from Nicki on wax except on social media where she checked Trey Songz for not immediately dispelling rumors set out by Remy that he smashed, which he eventually denied. Trey’s denial was followed by Hot 97’s Ebro Darden’s denial that he also got the cakes, who said while it did make him look like the man for a second, the closest he’s gotten to Nicki was a lusty thigh grab.
Many have called on the Queens rapper’s ex-boyfriend Safaree to help Nicki pen her response, but he says he wants no parts and calls “SHETHER” the “most disrespectful record ever.”
Meek Mill was caught liking meme’s leaning in Remy Ma’s favor and was called out on it by The Game, who captioned his own diss track towards Meek Milly followed by a thirsty Instagram post wishing he could be more than friends with the Dreamchaser’s former boo.
Four days after “SHETHER” dropped, Remy Ma shared “Another One,” a diss track aimed at Nicki again, which prompted #ThatWasTrashRemy to trend on Twitter. Then she uploaded and deleted an old risqué photo of Onika before the ass shots on Instagram.
The very next day, the “All The Way Up” rapper went on the Wendy Williams Show to share that the multi-Platinum selling artist had been blocking her from red carpets and messing with her coins.
Foxy Brown randomly came for Remy Ma in a diss song titled, “Breaks Over,” for including old rumors about her in the diss song meant for The Pinkprint superstar shortly after giving birth to a baby girl.
Listen to “Make Love” here, “SHETHER” here and “Another One” here.

Kodak Black Goes To Jail

Kodak Black turned up at a Miami strip club and found himself back behind bars for violating his probation on Tuesday (February 28).
The Project Baby was ordered to five years of house arrest and any movement outside of that needed approval from a judge. It appears it was social media that ultimately got the “No Flockin’” rapper caught up.
The flub is reportedly costing him bank as it’s interrupted his Back and Better Tour.
He was originally arrested for robbery false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a delinquent in April.
Read more here.

Chris Brown Reportedly Dancing With Death In Drug Love Affair

Billboard published an exposé, revealing Chris Brown’s alleged struggle with drug addiction through the words of his team and former employees.
Breezy’s drugs of choice are listed in reports of the R&B pop star snorting coke, popping Molly, sipping lean, popping Xanax and smoking weed.
There’s also reports of his rabid mood swings, which can range from a friendly Christopher to a violent and evil Christopher.
These are all claims that he denies and points blame to his old security guard who he calls out by name, Clay.
“Y’all gotta stop with this angry shit going through drugs and all this other shit,” he says in response to the lengthy report. “I’m tired of reading about some shit as soon as I got something popping. As soon as I wanna promote a tour, a party, a fuckin’ album, anything, y’all bring up something.”
Read more here.

DXclusives: Mahershala Ali, SiR & Chris Cuffaro

Before Mahershala Ali became an Academy Award-winning actor for his role in the Best Picture-winning film Moonlight on Sunday night (February 26), he was Prince Ali: A rapper signed to underground Hip Hop legends Hieroglyphics’ record label, Hiero Imperium, during the late 2000s.
Souls of Mischief member and Hiero Imperium label manager Tajai Massey spoke with HipHopDX’s Dana Scott about Ali’s time on the label and congratulates him for his Oscar win.
“I think it’s awesome, man,” Tajai said. “What’s crazy is that he’s been grinding since before he was even signed to our label. That was 10 years ago now. To just sort of watch him bubble from the underground, from Benjamin Button, to 300, and all that kind of stuff all the way up to now, a lot of people are going to realize, ‘Oh, we’ve been seeing this guy for a whole bunch of years.’ So it’s just good to see it culminate in some accolades for him.”
TDE’s latest signee, SiR chopped it up with Features Writer Ural Garrett about coming onto the label and what it meant for him prior to the official announcement.

“Man it was stressful for me just waiting on everything,” he said. “Having the secret that I couldn’t talk about. I’m very straight forward so it was weird and different. It was an easy process as far as the music and the business and stuff goes. It was seamless. Everything happened how it was supposed to.”
Music Editor Kyle Eustice caught up with photographer Chris Cuffaro who shared some pretty interesting stories while taking pictures of some of music’s greatest artists including LL Cool J, The Game, Ice Cube and Nirvana, among others.
He shared one moment that involved Ice-T, Body Count and guns.
“We’re doing this picture where they’re all holding guns, and posing with guns, and everybody had fake guns, except one guy brought a real gun,” he explained. “Ice-T goes nuts — like a parent. ‘What are you doing? Get that the fuck out of here!’ He really got upset the guy brought a real gun to the photo shoot. It was funny. This poor guy really got scolded. In the ‘70s, I went to schools that were all blacks and Mexicans. We had low riders, cholos — that whole thing — but I was never fearful of that. Gangs back then were nothing compared to what it’s like today. I got along with everybody. I don’t fear them. I could get along with everybody and I used my photography to do that.”

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