Mike WiLL Made-It Says Project With Trouble Recorded In Just Days & Features Drake

While the streets await Mike WiLL Made-It‘s Ransom 2 project, the Grammy Award-nominated producer confirmed a new project with Trouble has been completed. In an interview, Mike WiLL confirmed that he and his Atlanta collaborator made their album in a handful of days.
This week, Mike WiLL sat down with the L.A. Leakers inside the Power 106 FM studios and was put on the spot about a collaboration with Drake and Trouble. While there wasn’t much information about the song when a snippet was played onstage by Rae Sremmurd last December, Mike WiLL confirmed it will be a track from he and Trouble’s forthcoming release.
“Big Troub, Trouble coming out of Atlanta,” said Mike WiLL, while also confirming the Drizzy and Trouble pairing, “There’s definitely a collaboration.”
He continued with, “Me and Trouble did a whole project in like three or four days, and then I let Drake hear it and then Drake was like, ‘Yo, this song is crazy,’ and he ended up hopping on that joint, smoking that shit. We shot the video and everything. We just trying to make sure that project is all the way ill and complete and done so then we can roll it out to the people.”


Mike WiLL said he’s putting the final touches on the project and says that the album and accompanying videos will be “super crazy,” adding that he doesn’t intend to rush to release music now that he’s an experienced producer.
Check out Mike Will Made-It’s L.A. Leakers interview in the clip above where he talks about Big Sean passing on a track and his upcoming Ransom 2 nearing a release. Hit the 16:23-minute mark to hear the Trouble and Drake bits.

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