Pooh Gutta – Last Autumn

01 Pooh Gutta – Last Autumn Intro [Prod. By Pyrexxz]
02 Pooh Guttta – Mama Said [Prod. By Sosa 808]
03 Pooh Gutta – Ricky [Prod. By Rj Da Fool]
04 Pooh Gutta – My Gang (Feat. Doe Boy & Arod Da God) [Prod. By Pyrexxz & P The Artist]
05 Pooh Gutta – Not In Public (Feat. Lost Tribe) [Prod. By Pyrexxz]
06 Pooh Gutta – Suwoop (Feat. Lil Cray & Sir Chubbie) [Prod. By Sosa 808]
07 Pooh Guttta – Fck It Up (Feat. P The Artist) [Prod. By Pyrexxz]
08 Pooh Gutta – Hair Done (Feat. P The Artist) [Prod. By Pyrexxz & P The Artist]
09 Pooh Gutta – Sex With You (Feat. E Kayne & Lil Cray) [Prod. By Pyrexxz]
10 Pooh Guttta – Pitiful [Prod. By Pyrexxz]
11 Pooh Gutta – Sundress (Feat. Doe Boy, Lil Cray & Preme Dibiasi) [Prod. By Sosa 808]
12 Pooh Guttta – Top [Prod. By Nickeonthetrack]
13 Pooh Gutta – Real Nigga Love Song [Prod. By Smoke House Beats]
14 Pooh Gutta – Last Autumn Outro [Prod. By Buddy Lee]
15 Tae 4Rm Da 50 – Splash
16 Wooda – Stay Down
17 Street Beemer – Flip Flops
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poohlastautumn.torrent 24.72 KB

#Fuerza943fm http://j.mp/2qbYtM1


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