Lil Yachty Pays Tribute To Gucci Mane With Bart Simpson Chain

Lil Yachty Pays Tribute To Gucci Mane With Bart Simpson Chain

As a man who once had an ice cream tattoo on his cheek, Gucci Mane is not a man who’s afraid to make a fashion statement. Apparently, his fashion choices are inspiring the younger generation to follow in his footsteps.
Gucci famously wore a Bart Simpson chain for a few years back in the day and even rapped about it on his song “Iced Out Bart.” Lil Yachty is now trying to pull off something similar.
Of course, the chains aren’t exactly the same. For one, Lil Boat’s pendant is a little bit more three-dimensional and two, Yachty’s version of Bart has the same hairstyle as its owner.
Yachty posted a picture of the new ice on his Instagram page on Sunday, alongside a caption thanking Gucci Mane for putting the idea in his head: “YACHTY SIMPSON. SHOUT OUT @jonnyg78 MY BROTHER HOOKIN ME UP. MY OG @laflare1017 FOR THE INSPIRATION.”

The video also features Yachty showing off Guwop’s 1017 Brick Squad record label bird logo on the back to make the homage clear.

Gucci’s own Bart Simpson piece is a little different, and features the Springfield hellraiser on his trademark skateboard.
Check out Gucci showing it off in the old footage below.



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