Key Glock – Glock Season

01 Key Glock – Glock Intro [Prod. By Sosa 808]
02 Key Glock – Winning [Prod. By Lalo Productions]
03 Key Glock – On My Soul [Prod. By Buddha]
04 Key Glock – Dig Dat [Prod. By Sosa 808]
05 Key Glock – Already Know [Prod. By Sosa 808]
06 Key Glock – Everyday [Prod. By King W Onka]
07 Key Glock – Retarded [Prod. By Izze Tha Producer]
08 Key Glock – Really Rich [Prod. By Izze Tha Producer]
09 Key Glock – Racks Today (Feat. Jay Fizzle) [Prod. By Sosa 808]
10 Key Glock – Shame [Prod. By Dj Squeeky]
11 Key Glock – Kanye Fab [Prod. By Ace C]
12 Key Glock – Momma Told Me [Prod. By Sosa 808]
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keyglockseason.torrent 29.28 KB



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