Rappers React To JAY-Z’s “4:44” Album

Rappers React To JAY-Z's "4:44" Album

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL
It’s impossible not to recognize the immense influence JAY-Z has had on Hip Hop, both musically and from a business perspective. It’s also hard not to argue the impact he’s had on other rappers and producers who truly live for lyricism. Like many other fans, artists were up at midnight eager to hear what one of the culture’s most enduring and well-respected brands had to bring to the table.
Understandably, most of them pressed play on 4:44 and liked it as much as everyone else. Many took to Twitter to share their excitement.
While it’s still too early to throw any proper accreditations and titles around, 4:44 is — almost across the board — being held up as a much-needed return to The Blueprint Hov who forced rappers to work a little harder back in the peak of the Rocafella era. While the hardest JAY-Z haters may not want to admit it, the 47-year-old rapper delivered.
Battle rapper Daylyt even released a cover version of “The Story Of O.J.,” which was promptly removed from YouTube by Universal Music Group. Could we be in for a slew of covers and remixes in the (very) near future?
Below are some more reactions from artists after 4:44 dropped Friday (June 30).

#Fuerza943fm http://j.mp/2tysQyE

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