Cousin Stizz Drops “One Night Only” Mixtape

Cousin Stizz Drops "One Night Only" Mixtape

It’s been a year since Cousin Stizz released his MONDA mixtape. Now, the Boston rapper is back with a brand new mixtape titled One Night Only to satisfy fans thirsting for new music from the East Coast rapper.
One Night Only features 13 tracks with guest appearances from Offset, G-Eazy, Buddy and Big Leano. Production is handled by Wondagurl, Tee-WaTT, Tedd Boyd, LDG, FrancisGotHeat, Smash David, Dave Sava6e and ayoayo.
Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Cousin Stizz’s latest work below.
Cousin Stizz Releases One Night Only

1. Switch Places
2. Lambo
3. Paid
4. Headlock f. Offset
5. Up To Something
6. No Ice
7. Paper Calling
8. Pullup f. Buddy
9. Neimans Barneys f. G-Eazy
10. Doubted Me
11. Jo Bros
12. The Store f. Big Leano
13. Jealous



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