Lotto Savage – Don Slaughter 2

01 Lotto Savage – 24 Bars [Prod. By Mooktoven]
02 Lotto Savage – Strap [Prod. By B Racks]
03 Lotto Savage – She Ballin’ [Prod. By Rambo]
04 Lotto Savage – Sharks, Killer Whales & Piranha [Prod. By Rambo]
05 Lotto Savage – Coming (Feat. Loso Loaded) [Prod. By Quay Beats]
06 Lotto Savage – Problem Solver [Prod. By Headlnrz]
07 Lotto Savage – Aynr [Prod. By Quay Beats]
08 Lotto Savage – Real Shit
09 Lotto Savage – Gotta Have Heart
10 Lotto Savage – Take Yo Shit (Feat. Yung Bans)
11 Lotto Savage – New Money
12 Lotto Savage – Had To Struggle
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donslaughter2.torrent 32.54 KB



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